Asia Stuckey
My name is Asia Stuckey, I am 13 years old and I was born and raised in Madison,
WI. I go to James .C. Wright Middle School and my favorite subject is language arts.
I’m a very quiet and chill person I just like to keep to myself. And because of that
most people think I’m mean or upset when they see me but I’m not; it’s just the way
I look. I’m actually a nice person until you give me a reason to not be and you would
know if I were upset. My favorite food is Chinese food, and my favorite colors are
light pink and purple. I like to just chill at home, eating and watching movies all day,
but then I also like to go shopping and do girlie things on my free time. What most
people don’t know about me is that I’m really goofy and crack jokes when I get
comfortable with a person but then I’m also very responsible and get my work done,
work first and then play.  When I graduate high school I want to go to college to
become a veterinarian because I love animals and I want to find ways to cure
diseases they might have and just make them feel better..
Christopher Covarrubias
My name is Christopher Covarrubias, I attend Wright Middle School and I would like
to major in Health Science. When I go to school, I try my hardest because I know I can
succeed if I put the time and effort in my work. I try so hard to succeed to make my
parents proud because they’re a big part in my life. My parents helped and still are,
helping us (my brothers and I) to have a better future and be happy. When I was a kid,
my parents used to tell me to do well in school because they didn’t want us to pass
through what they passed in their lifetime. They wanted me to try as hard as I can so I
could go to college and do something in life. My parents are a big inspiration to my
brothers and I, I as so inspired to do well in school and I know I’ll be able to make
them proud. My parents were and still are my biggest inspiration, but I can’t forget
about my big brother.
My big brother has also been an inspiration to my little brother and I. When I come
Exploring College Through Media
Dulce Xelhua
Jaliyah Cummings
Joshua Slaughter
Jonathan Gramling*
I am the publisher and editor of The Capital City Hues, and I have been involved
in civil rights and other issues for the past 35 years. As a student at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison, I made dozens of trips to rural Mississippi
through Project Self-Help and Awareness, working with local residents to install
plumbing in houses and harvest food crops. I also volunteered with the United
Farm Workers in Madison, helping to raise funds and staff informational pickets
at local stores.
I worked at the Urban League of Greater Madison for 12 years; was the treasurer
for the NAACP-Madison Branch for six years, and assisted the WisDOT
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program develop a strategic plan. I have
also been a financial consultant to many area non-profits including the Lussier
Community Education Center and Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center. I was the
editor of a black newspaper for six years before founding
The Capital City Hues
The Students
The Student Mentor
The Teacher
My name is Dulce Xelhua. I’m 13 years old and I go to James C. Wright Middle
School. I have a sister named Yessica and she’s 20 years old. I also have a dog, and
his name is Jalapeno and he is really lazy.
My dream job is to be a lawyer because it seems interesting and I like to help people.
Some of my hobbies are drawing, swimming and playing the piano. My favorite
season is winter because I like snow flakes and because everything is calm outside.
Erick Covarrubias
My name is Erick Covarrubias, I was born on March 7 of 2004. I love to play video
games. I love to read comics and I hope to go to a comic convention some day. I have
two sisters a mom and a dad. I am actually an uncle. My niece was born July 31 of
2016. I love to play video games not just because they are fun, but to stay connected
with friends that I do not go to school with anymore. I want to be a Firefighter when I
am older and go to college at UW.
because there are so many shoe styles and so many to choose from.
Lastly I come from a big family. My grandmother has 13 children and she adopted seven more kids. So I have a lot of
cousins and aunts and uncles. My favorite fruit is oranges and my favorite food is steak tacos. My favorite Juice is apple
juice and  I like apple sauce also, but I don’t like apples.
My birthday is September 21, 2003. I moved from the South side of Chicago, Sun Prairie when I was in the fifth
grade and I have been living there for two years. My dad died when I was three years old. When I go to college I want to go to
Howard University in Washington D.C. I think Washington D.C. would be a good place for me to go to college is because
that is where the F.B.I. Headquarters is. Also, I think there is a lot of historical things and places you can see and learn
about.. So all in all I like to travel and explore..
My name is Joshua Slaughter, and I’m a rising 8th grader at Sherman Middle School in
Madison, Wisconsin. I am 13 years old. I was born in Chicago and moved to Madison
when I was five years old. I have three siblings, all of them are years older than me. I’m
not very social and mostly like to be alone. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is
hang out with my friends or family. My interest are history and psychology. I’m not that
good at math; it is my least favorite subject. My favorite sport is football and my favorite
team is the Chicago Bears.
In the past two years I have attended the PEOPLE Program in Madison. I also attended
PEOPLE Prep, which prepares you for the actual program over the summer and during
school. The PEOPLE Program puts students into workshops based on their interest. In
7th grade I was in the Aviation and Space Exploration workshop. Aviation and Space
Exploration teaches about the technology of planes and space craft. We learned of the
history of planes and how they’ve changed over the years. This year I’m in Exploring
College Through Media. We’ve only just started but I think there is a lot of writing
in 2006, a multiculturally owned, written and read biweekly newspaper distributed in the greater Madison metropolitan

Gramling has received many awards including the 2015 Whitney Young Jr. Award from the Urban League of Greater Madison, the
2014 Rabbi Manfred Swarsensky Humanitarian Service Award from the Madison Downtown Rotary. the 2005 Rev. James C. Wright
Human Rights Award from the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission, the 2002 King Recognition Award from Dane County, the
Harambee Award from the Madison Juneteenth Day Committee, the 2003 YWCA Racial Justice Award, the 2010 King Heritage Award
from the State of Wisconsin, the 2011 Madison Metropolitan Links Distinguished Community Service Award, and a Simpson Street
Family Reunion recognition.
My name is Nana-Kofi Brewoo. I’m 13 years old and I’m a rising 8th grader in
Hamilton Middle School. I have four siblings named Nana, Maame, Kobby and
Kweku, and of my family were all born in Ghana. But I’m the only one who was
born in Madison, Wisconsin. And I’m the youngest of my siblings.
I’m good at math and I like to draw sometimes. I also like to play sports like
Dodgeball, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee and Football. My favorite food is Pizza and I
enjoy baking stuff like brownies, snickerdoodles and waffles. A career I’m
interested in is Computer Engineering. Someday I hope to become a C.E.O. and
start my own company.
Nana-Kofi Brewoo
Stephen Kerns
My name is Stephen Kerns and I am a graduate student in the Secondary
Education program at UW-Madison.  I was raised in Muskego, WI and moved
out to Madison in 2015 to finish my undergraduate degree in Mathematics.  I
have a passion for working with adolescents, whether it be coaching soccer or
teaching mathematics.  I enjoyed coaching soccer at Madison East High School
last year and hope to continue coaching after my program is finished. My
passion for mathematics led me to a fulfilling experience tutoring students in
the AVID program at Madison West High School.  This experience solidified my
dream to become a high school math teacher.  I am excited to be exploring the
Madison area with the PEOPLE program this summer and exploring STEM
related fields to my rising eighth graders.  
Julissa Toto Xolio
I then entered into 6th grade at Prairie View Middle School and just finished 7th grade. I will be entering into 8th grade at
Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School. In 6th grade I got nominated for the PEOPLE Program and got accepted which
was a great experience for me. Then in 7th grade I got nominated for the AVID Program and also got accepted. I was
also in the top ten Yahara River Writers chosen for my cartoon editorial. I still have a long future to see and experience
but I have some future plans in mind. I would like to become an artist or a Spanish interpreter.
I always have enjoyed drawing and painting and it has become a very good skill of mine, which is why I would like to
become an artist. On the other hand, I would like to become a Spanish interpreter with the reason of me speaking
English and Spanish almost fluently and I have the experience of translating for my parents. My hopes are for me to
graduate from the Sun Prairie High School. I would also like to be accepted into the University of Wisconsin and
graduate from there as well. My future will still go on from there and I still have many in mind.
Christian Garcia
My name is Christian Garcia and I am from Madison Wisconsin. The school I go to is
Sennett Middle School. After middle school, I will be going to Lafollette High school. I
was born and raised in Madison and have been living in Madison with my parents. I
am 13 years old and I will be going into 8th grade. My strengths in school is math
and science;  my weakness is language arts. One of my favorite things to do is travel
with family and friends all over the US, I also like knowing the history of places I
haven’t  traveled too and visiting places I have memories. I am a People program
student and an AVID student as well.
I am a part of a Latin culture and I am bilingual student, my main language Is
Spanish and my second language is English. I have one sibling that is younger than
me and goes to an elementary school. My goal is to have a good life and enjoy what I
have in my life, and also is to become someone better than yesterday.
home from school, I would just like to play my PlayStation but my brother would tell me, “Do your homework first and read
before you play”. I like to follow my brother’s footsteps because I know he will be there for me when I’m stuck with
something. My brother is really good with math and I also want to be really good but I also have something in mind. When I
grow up, I would like to study more about the anatomy and what is there in the human body. My little brother is learning a lot
from me and I think that I am a big part of his life too. I want him to do the best he can in school so I try and buy him books
and study skills so he can be like my big brother and I. I’m always looking up for him and I try to make him have a good job
and make good decisions in life. I know I am a big inspiration to my little brother, but my parents and my big brother are my
biggest inspirations in life.
I’m Jaliyah Cummings; I’m 13 years old  I am in the eighth grade. I go to Cardinal
Heights Upper Middle School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. I don’t have any siblings,
and my favorite color is blue. I am from Chicago, Illinois.
When I grow up I want to become an F.B.I Agent. My favorite subject in school is
Reading because it’s fun to do the different activities and the different reading
skills.  My favorite letter is J because that’s the letter that my name starts with. I
don’t have a favorite sport but I do like baseball though I don’t know much about it.
Also I don’t speak any other languages but English but I want to learn another
language which is Spanish. I want to learn Spanish because as an F.B.I. agent you
may come across people that don’t speak English, so you might need to know the
language they speak.
My favorite clothing brand is PINK, my favorite shoe brand is Nike. I like Nike
My name is Julissa Toto Xolio and I am a 13 years old, and a student at Sun
Prairie Area School District. I was born in Madison, WI at St. Mary’s Hospital on
May 27, 2004. I was then raised in Sun Prairie, WI by Mexican parents that only
speak Spanish. I learned Spanish first, the first language that I learned to speak.
My second language that I learned to speak is English and it is a little difficult
being a young bilingual girl. As a bilingual girl, I would always have to help my
parents when they needed it and I still do as of today.
My parents come from Veracruz, Mexico which I have visited two times in my
lifetime. Along with my family, I have two wonderful siblings that are named Brian
and Luis Fernando. Brian is my 8-year old brother and Luis Fernando is my 3-
month old brother as well. My education started in Head Start Preschool and then
moved on to Creekside Elementary school for my 6 years of education. I would
always get help in school with ESL teachers because I am a bilingual student.