Exploring College Through Media
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
July 18, 2017
Julissa Toto-Xolio

Another field trip that we went to was to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. We first arrived and took a seat in the very
front of the building where there was a gorgeous setting and was all neat and very clean. We waited there for a while until it
was time for us to go on our small tour only in the 1st floor. We got taken to the back of the 1st floor and we sat in some
reserved seats for us and got some questions answered. We learned that in December of 2010, the WID was built.
We also learned that many discoveries are discovered every day and they also do various experiments every day. Some of
their equipment that they use at the WID are from various places and even some from Thermo Fisher, a place we went to
discover as well. 200-250 people are hired each year to work at the WID and they receive $10-15 per hour or more
depending on their job role. At the very beginning we also learned that the tiles that we walked on were made from fossils
and you could see them but up close. After we got some questions answered we met three different scientists who also
answered some other questions that we had and we got to play a game of jenga with them.
The blocks had various questions on them that were about science and ones that could give a little information about what
we wanted to do. After playing games for a while we met two other people who would help us with a small scavenger hunt
for some items that were located in the WID. We got to find them over some ipads and was an okay scavenger hunt in my
opinion. We then finished off and was time to end our field trip from the WID. Overall the WID field trip was a good
experience and would definitely be a great place to visit if you would like to relax and explore around or if you would like to
know more of science and discoveries.

Joshua Slaughter

On June 18th 2017, our PEOPLE group took a trip to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building. There we met a couple
of scientists willing to introduce us to the building and what they do there. We also asked some questions about the
Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Institute
s for Discovery. Both institutes are located in one building. The
building is managed by WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation). All three organizations have collaborated with
each other ever since the building was built. This is the reason for the laboratory to be named “Lab of the year” in 2012, an
award given once a year.
We learned a lot from the scientist
s. They spoke to us about the turning point in their lives, how they are and where they are
today etc. Our guest speakers had a game of jenga set up for us. It was pretty fun,
each block had a question on it and
when you pulled a block the person would have to read the question and everyone else (including you) answered it. I like
the way they set it up. Afterward we did a scavenger hunt. That was also fun and it was a nice way to get a tour around the
public space of the building. The top and bottom floors of the building were only accessed by employees and scientists.
Overall the trip was fun and the scientists were set up everything nicely.

Jaliyah Cummings

The Exploring Collage through Media group took a field trip to Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. While at this field trip I
learned lots of new things. I learned that there are thee departments in the building. One thing that I liked was we got to sit
and talk with different scientist
s. Another thing I liked was that we played Jenga and on the blocks there were questions that
we and the scientist had to answer. Some of them were funny and some were random. We also did two types of scavenger
hunts. I learned things like how they get paid, paten
ts, and their equipment. I learned that one of their Units called Warf
helps with paten
ts. I learned that a lot of their tools are from Thermo Fisher. Lastly I learned how they hire people. They hire
people based o
n how many people they need. For example if they fire someone or someone quits they need more people
so they hire them.
While at the W
ID I saw many cool things. I saw a 3D model of the whole building, I saw the media wall, I saw the Jurassic
garden, and lastly I saw the waterfall that changes colors when you step on the little square and it also makes a sound. My
two most favorite things at the Wisconsin Institute
s for Discovery was the waterfall and the tiles. The tiles were my favorite
because they have real fossils inside of them. So all in all I think the Wisconsin Institute
s for Discovery was a great learning
experience and it was fun at the same time and we did lots of hands-on things like the jenga and the Jurassic garden.
Nana-Kofi Brewoo

The W.I.D. (Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery) is a nice place with good people who help make lots of discoveries and work
for science, math and engineering. Biologists, Physicists, Engineers, Mathematicians and other types of scientists work there
to study, learn and to discover. Like Physicists and Biologists, they study STEM cells. They can discover stuff that can be
patented. They also can get equipment from all over the world. Many scientists can study stuff and still make so much money.
But salaries do depend on degree, knowledge and how well their education is. So doing good in school counts for a good

Asia Stuckey

I thought this field trip was fun in the beginning.  Because when we first got there, three scientists talked to us about what they
did and they also gave us some information about the W I D and I thought that was very interesting because I learned some
new things and they gave me a better understanding of what they do. After that we split up into groups of three and played
Jenga with one of the scientists. And the blocks had questions on them so when we pulled a block everyone went around and
answered the question. This would start conversations so we could all get to know each other a little more but especially the
scientist. I liked this game because it was fun getting to know each other some more and hearing their answers. Lastly we
went on a scavenger hunt around the building to find these bar codes that were at the locations. And we had to scan them
with our ipads and when we did it would give us some information about that location. The game wasn’t really that fun to me
because I didn’t really understand it but I tried. And that’s really all what we did.
Erick Covarrubias

My class went on a field trip to the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. When we arrived, we were led to a open area with tables
and sat in groups of two, three or four. We then were told about some facts about the building.  One thing we learned was that
some of the tiles on the floor had fossils. Another fact was that the building was built in 2010. After that, we were introduced to
two other Scientists/Engineers.
The next activity we did was playing Jenga in our groups following with one Scientist/Engineer. On each block we pulled out
had a question we all had to answer. Some were on science like one of them was,
how would you move a river up a
Some were about you, like what is your favorite food? Some were funny and bizarre, one of the jenga blocks said
how would you escape a bowl of salad if you were a tiny person? After that, we went on a scavenger hunt. We were each given
an iPad with an app that scanned QR codes that we had to find using a map. One of the places we scanned was a media
wall. It was a long screen across a wall that you could interact with when you walk past it. Every time you walk past it
something happens. One of them was lighting a fire, every time you walked past it you set a candle on fire. Then we got a
worksheet and tried to find specific plants in their buildings Garden. That was our final activity of the day. My favorite part of our
field trip was the jenga blocks. I enjoyed the tour and I hope to come here again some day.

Dulce Xelhua

I think that WID was fun because we got to hear the experiences of a scientist and got to play Jenga that it had questions for
everyone like “what would your ideal day be like?” “What do you want to be in the future” and more, it was fun because we got
to know each other and we build our tower really tall. We also walked around the building to find different barcodes that had
information in a video. Another thing we did was a scavenger hunt and it was easier than finding the barcodes. My favorite
part of all the three activities was finding the barcodes because we got to walk around instead of staying in one place.

Christian Garcia

The visit to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery was fun to learn. We learned about how scientists become scientists. The
building is one of my favorite part of visiting the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery because for me the building represents the
things I like, which are technology and nature. These two are what made my visit to the Discovery building fun and enjoyable.
Another thing I  liked about the trip was knowing the scientists and asking them questions by playing Jenga. I would
recommend the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery for studying and for any discovery you need to learn about.

Christopher Covarrubias

I’ve gone to Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery a lot of times but this was the best tour I have been on. I went to the building
many times because of a Science Cohort program I had which was a great experience because I learned a lot in it. I was
happy that we were able to meet a few scientists and what they do in the Discovery building. I was pretty happy that we were
able to play Jenga together with the scientists. It was very creative because it had questions on it and we had to answer them.
I also enjoyed the activity with the scans because we were able to see most of the building and what it has in it. The building
was very colorful, that’s why they won the lab of the year. The building is still pretty young compared to other labs around the
world. I got to see a lot of what they had before we did the scanning activity. One of the biggest questions I had was, who
came up with the idea of putting ancient plants in the building? But still, I really like the way they put it and how they take care
of all of the plants. This trip was a great trip and it is somewhere I would like to go when I grow up to visit it again.