Exploring College Through Media
UW School of Medicine & Public Health
July 19, 2017
Christopher Covarrubias

I enjoyed going to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. I enjoyed this field trip because it was an unforgettable
experience with the Med Flight all the way to Dr. Debbie Jones. When I heard that we were going to UW School of Medicine
and Public Health, I thought that we were just going to meet UW students and an ordinary doctor called Dr. Debbie Jones.
When we got to the auditorium, I thought we were just going to watch a really long video, get a small tour and leave, but that’s
not what had happened. All of the sudden, a man of the name of Manuel Santiago started to talk to us about our big dreams
and how he has accomplished them. Manuel Santiago started to tell us what we could do in life if you continue to attend
school. I was just amazed on what he was saying and what he presented to the class. That was a great start to the field trip
but I know it would get even better.
All of the sudden, Dr. Debbie Jones walked in with her assistant. When Dr. Debbie Jones started to talk, it was similar to a
high school graduation and there would always be a special speaker, the special speaker was Dr. Debbie Jones. Her
childhood was like my parents’ childhood, they were both raised with not a lot of money and the streets were really
dangerous. I was blown out when she said that she touched Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I don’t know anyone that has touched
MLK Jr so it was just really cool to hear that. Dr. Debbie Jones said that she was given the power to do the same to us, make
the wish you want and it will come true. When Dr. Debbie
Jones touched my hand I could feel her confidence she had on us
and that this was serious business. I enjoyed Dr. Debbie Jones and what she told us. I would like to meet her again
because I know she’s a big inspiration to a lot of people.
The rest of the trip was really cool too. We were able to see the Med Flight and what they did. We were able to see the
amazing view and were places were. All in all, this is in my top 5 on the best experiences I’ve had currently.

Dulce Xelhua

Going to SMPH was really interesting and fun. My favorite part was when Dr. Debbie Jones talked because it was really
motivational and interesting talk. She talked about her life and how she met MLK when she was a kid and that she lived in a
really dangerous place so they couldn’t really go out and play but instead had to read books to entertain themselves which
made her really smart. We also learned some really simple yet interesting stuff like glowing light at our eyes which make the
pupil of our eyes bigger. The last thing we did was to see the helicopter and the amazing view of on top.
Jaliyah Cummings

Another field trip that this class went to is the SMPH. On that trip I had a great experience. We got to see the great view, we
got to see the helicopter and how they import and export patients in and out of the helicopter. We also got to see Dr. Debbie
Jones and we got to listen to her inspirational story of her road to becoming a doctor. Even though we didn’t get to get
inside the helicopter I think it was still a great experience and it was fun. We all learned things about the helicopter
, like it
only ha
s two engines and how the safety of the nurses and the pilot is important. They all have to wear helmets and special
uniform and they have to be strapped in their seatbelt at all times. The pilot also has safety rules. They let other planes
know which direction they are going in and when they are going in that direction. They also wear safety glasses just in case
a bird fl
ies through the window. I also saw things like where the pilot controls they helicopter and all the tools the nurses
use to help people. Most Med flight workers have busy schedules and they don’t just work in Med Flight some work in the
Emergency room and some work helping other students. So being a Med flight seems fun but a little scary.

Joshua Slaughter

The next day after the trip to WID we went to UW School of Medicine and Public Health. There we met Dr. Debbie Jones. She
was cool and very inspirational. She taught us that even though she grew up poor and in a dangerous neighborhood she
still became a doctor in Madison. We also met Manuel Santiago, the Director of Multicultural Affairs at UW. He spoke to us
about how college was a challenge and that we had to be ready with time management skills and good study skills. Next
we went up to the Med-flight helipad. There we learned about how Madison transports patients through the air if an
ambulance won’t reach them in time.
The pilots at med-flight gave our group a tour of the helicopter used in certain situations. They don’t fly the helicopter in
storms or blizzards for safety purposes. It was a small helicopter compared to others but very fast and maneuverable. They
also had some nurses tell us of their role in the helicopter. Nurses attend to the patient when heading back to the hospital.
The pilot and the co-pilot keep an eye out for birds or other flying object
s. One year there was a mid-air collision with two
helicopters because neither saw one another and neither was told that there was going to be another aircraft in the sky.
Now there is more communication between hospitals
' med-flight control. On top of it all, I had fun learning about other
's stories and how med-flight is an important factor to saving lives.
Julissa Toto-Xolio

Another field trip that we went to was to the UW School of Medicine & Public health. When we first arrived there we sat down
at these tables and took a very nice view of the building and the inside of the building. We walked a little around the hospital
and it was a very nice place. Soon we then entered into a conference room where we sat in some chairs and got some
folders. We met a man called Dr. Manuel Santiago who welcomed us and asked us some questions before Dr. Debbie
Jones came in to join us.
When Dr. Debbie Jones came we welcomed her and she gave us another folder that had some doctor tools inside. She then
came up in front of everyone and gave her very inspiring speech. She told us where she came from and gave us some good
details about herself and her life in Chicago. What surprised me the most was that she met Martin Luther King Jr. when she
was very young and got to shake hands with him. She told us that she never expected herself to become a doctor but told us
how simple it was with some very few steps.
After her speech we gave her a round of applause and she then told us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. We all
told her what we wanted to be and shook our hand. After having some time with Dr. Debbie Jones, we then took a small
break and then started our small tour. We were on our way to go and see the Medflight section of the hospital and check out
the helicopters that go and save people's lives when they need it. We headed up to the 8th floor in the hospital and got to see
different parts of the hospital and explore a little.
We then arrived to the Medflight section and entered the room where the helicopter was. We met various people and asked
them some questions about what they do and about their job, along with taking pictures. After we were done taking pictures
we got to look at a great view of all Madison and some of Sun Prairie. It was a very great view to take pictures and relax.
Overall, this field trip to the UWSMPH was a great experience and was one of the field trips I enjoyed a lot personally.
If you are interested in Medicine or becoming a doctor, this place would be a great place to start.
Erick Covarrubias

My class went to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health as a field trip. When we first entered the hospital, we were
led into a conference room. We were introduced by Manuel Santiago. He told us about himself and his family history. After
that we introduced ourselves. We told him our name, our grade, what high school we will go to and what we want to be
when we grow up. After that he introduced us to the next speaker, Doctor Debbie Jones. She gave us all a folder with some
accessories and a packet. One of the accessories was an ophthalmoscope or an easier name is penlight. It’s used to
measure the pupil and reaction time of a pupil. We also received a stethoscope. After that, she talked about her life and how
she got here today. Another thing she told us was that she has hugged Martin Luther king Jr. Next, we opened the packet
that she gave us in the folder, it had pictures of different organs in the body, we used the stethoscope and the penlight. After
she talked about her life and she came around and shook our hand asking what we wanted to be and who we were. When
she came to me, I said I wanted to be a firefighter. Finally, we went to the Med Flight hanger. We got to see a helicopter and
some people from the Med Flight team.  We learned some of the backgrounds of them. One of them was in the army and
was a pilot over there. We got to see the inside of the helicopter and saw all of the equipment. After that, we went back
home, I really enjoyed meeting Med Flght, Doctor Debbie Jones and Manuel Santiago. I hope to come again

Nana-Kofi Brewoo

The U.W. S.M.P.H. (School of Medical and Pubic Health) is a huge place with students who study hard to become doctors
and with inspiring doctors who work in the hospital. This place also has the Med Flight helicopters that go out to hospitals
for emergencies. It is also the same type of helicopter that crashed while getting a patient to the hospital. One inspiring
doctor is Dr. Debbie Jones. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois. And it was extremely dangerous there at the time. There were
riot marches, gangs, pimps. It was dangerous for her to just go out in the street alone. Especially at night. And she was dirt
poor, had a single mother and was the 5th child out of 8. Her life was difficult. But one morning, she and her mom went out
to see Martin Luther King Jr. He shook hands with everyone. He tried to shake hands with everyone. And when he came up
to her mom, her mom raised Debbie up to shake MLK Jr’s hand. And now ever since, she remembers the time and felt
“strong” since that day. That she could be what she believed in.

Asia Stuckey

This field trip was really fun I enjoyed myself. When we first got there Dr. Debbie Jones basically told us her story about how
she grew up and what it was like and so much more. I just really enjoyed listening to her story it inspired me because I like
how she came from having nothing to now being successful. That just really got me thinking like I can do anything I set my
mind to; I just have to work for it. After that they took us to the roof so we could talk to the MED flight people. I thought what
they did was very cool like they’re basically the ambulance but in a helicopter. It was fun to get to know what they do and ask
them questions. After talking to them some more they took us outside so we were on the actual roof and the view was so
pretty. It was then time to go but when I got home Dr. Debbie Jones and the MED flight people really had me thinking. Like
now I want to do something like what they’re doing because I think saving people’s lives is cool and I know I’ve said I want
to be a veterinarian but after the field trip I kind of want to become a nurse. But I have some time to think about what I really
want to be. But those people inspired me so much they have me thinking about