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UW-Madison Computer Sciences Robotics
July 21, 2017
Dulce Xelhua

I think it was really fun because we got to see a robot and it was pretty cool to see it talk and move and even dance. It was
funny and interesting when the staff also talked to us about other robots and how they work. We also had several activities
related to robots like “brain, eyes and hands.” We had to build something with plates and cups and someone had to be the
brain and tell the eyes what the hands had to do but the brain had to look at the wall and the hands had to be blindfolded.
Another thing we did was ‘Picasso.” It was like really specific instructions that told you how to draw what it wanted you to
draw. It was really interesting and fun.

Erick Covarrubias

On our field trip to the Robotics and computer science building, we were introduced to a woman named Amanda Captain
who guided us through the tour. We were led into a room with a table and chairs around it. Each chair had a name tag, sticky
notes and a pen. We were introduced to a man named Jake Draeger. He was a computer science graduate at UW. We then
introduced ourselves and told a little bit about ourselves. After that, Amanda led us upstairs to see some robots. We were
introduced to a man named Murad Jaber, He showed a robot named Now. Now was a fun robot; he can dance and asks you
to guess countries from where he is from. The correct answer is France or United States of America. He is still a work in
progress, but he is still pretty cool. Another robot he showed us was a robot named Mini. He was not functional yet. He was
made to read with younger children. The people in this project are trying to help kids increase their reading skills. After that,
he led us into another room that had a 3D printer. He explained to us how it worked. It’s a printer that uses hot plastic and
layers it and makes a 3D model. After that, Amanda led us back downstairs to meet with Jake again. We did an activity were
they showed us a word, and we have to say the color of the word, it’s a little hard to explain. Next, we did an activity were one
person was the eyes, one was the brain and one was the hands. We had to build a structure out of plates and cups. It’s
another activity that’s a little hard to explain. After that we did a little puzzle with coding, then we got a computer and started
coding on there, I coded my name. Then the tour was over, and they told us that the hardest part of coding is the bugs. I think
I want to be a computer scientist when I am older  
Christopher Covarrubias

I had a good time at the Computer Science’s building.  When we walked in the room, there were lots of cords and cables
but I understand because in Robotics, there’s a lot of technology that is needed to make robots and animations. When we
went upstairs, I could creativity stuck to the walls, there was a lot of colors around that small room. I was excited because
we were going to see a robot itself. The robot was called Now
. Now was a creation that only certain people can do because
it took a long time and effort. In the other room, there was a 3d-printer but w
e were not able to use it. The activity that we did
downstairs was really cool because we were able to build our teamwork s
kills. There was the brain, the hands, and the
eyes, I took
the role of everything because we did like four rounds so it was really fun working with a team. The second
activity was really fun because we were able to see how robots work and how humans make them move. I was able to do
my own name using the same idea, it was really fun. All in all, I think it was one of the best field trips in UW campus.

Christian Garcia

The visit to the Computer science building was a good time to learn new things I didn’t know before I visited it. One thing I
liked about the trip to the computer science building was seeing robots that helped on reading with people and the other
robot's ability was to help out clean the house. Also one thing that surprised me was the price of the robot that helped clean
the house, which starts around $10,000. The activities we did we’re kinda hard for me because what we did was learning
how the robot worked and working with other classmates as to where to put the things in place with a brain, hands, and
eyes. Over all, the Computer Science building is a good place to learn something new about robotics or anything related to
Jaliyah Cummings

Last Friday we took our last field trip to UW Computer Sciences. There we learned and we got to see lots of cool things like
robots, how they work, how many people they hire and how to program computers. The robot that we got to see is Noue we
got to see her dance and she also told us what country she was from which is France. We got to program computers and we
got to be the computers. We coded in a language named Java and I think it was easy and fun. It wasn’t too complicated and
hard; I think it was easy and lots of people can learn how to do it. In addition to all the other things, we learned that this
building and the stuff they do has been around since computers have been around. I also learned that they hire about 14 or
15 undergraduates. The program that we learned about is called WES-CS. We also learned that they are currently working
on a new robot named Minnie and she reads books to children and she can respond to their voices. So while at this field trip
we learned lots of things about the company and the robots and the things they do at the company.
Julissa Toto-Xolio

Our very last field trip that we went to was to UW Computer Sciences building,  and it wasn’t that far from where we stay and
work for our workshop. First we just relaxed for a while and then we got welcomed and taken to a room where our names
were and we had a name tag and also we were given a small notepad and a pen to keep. We were introduced to two
friendly workers that work at computer science and they talked a bit of what we would be doing. We also introduced
ourselves to them and it was a nice relaxing start. We then played a small group game and it was a game about reading
and also seeing colors and if you could get confused or not.
After that small game we headed to another room where we would ask questions and get to see some robots. We saw the
robots and they were pretty cool. We got some questions answered and then we headed downstairs for another group
game. The game was where we would have to be like computers and we would have to do a specific thing and try to do it
with other people. The game was okay and it was kind of hard trying to do what our responsibility was.
Next we did some coding on paper and then we learned how to do it on a computer. That was also a fun and okay group
game. We then thanked the workers from computer science and it was time for us to leave. Overall this last field trip was
okay, it really wasn’t my type of thing because I want to do something else in the future but if you’re a person who enjoys
computers and robotics, this place is definitely for you.

Nana-Kofi Brewoo
The trip to Computer Sciences to see robotics was pretty interesting. Our Tour Guide was Amanda Captain, who does
qualitative research at Computer Sciences. She also knows a little programming and a little about robotics. During our tour,
Murad Jaber introduced to us some robots that have been planned, developed and made. Like Nao who can talk, dance,
answer a few questions and detect voices and hand motion. After that, Jacob Draeger introduced us to an activity where we
can “become a robot”. There was the brain, the one who had to describe what to do step by step; the eyes, the one who had
to be asked yes or no questions by the brain to see if what was asked was done; and the hands, the one who had to close
their eyes and try to build what was told. It was a frustrating game. We also did a little coding to try and complete a little
drawing. We had to use codes like picasso.moveDown (7); and picasso.drawLineRight(2); and stuff like that.