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Madison Gas & Electric
July 14, 2017
Christian Garcia

MGE is great place to know about our community and the ways we get our power. For
me the visit to MGE was great because I learned the ways of the company getting its
power for buildings and houses.  The company first started 150 years ago which I find
. We talked about the history of MGE and how it grew over time, and how it
gives us power to light up our homes or use the power for ou
r daily use. One of the
things we talked about was about the future and how it will affect our generation
terms how we use our power, and also how can we save our energy. Over all
was my favorite place to learn about and it helped me understand the ways how I can
help the future of Madison.
Christopher Covarrubias

It was really cool to go to Madison Gas and Electric. It was very interesting
because all of the electricity that we get to our house comes from MG and E.
Before MG and E, I went to a program called Science Cohort. In that program, I
learned a lot
about electricity and energy so when I heard we were going to MG
and E, I knew it was going to be something similar. There was a lot of
information on how MG and E helps everyone in Madison with their electricity
and energy. The only question I had was how do windmills work so I asked my
question and it was there, MG and E can help you with anything related to
energy and electricity.  I also enjoy researching how solar panels work. Solar
panels are just one of many great inventions to be made around the world
because you can get the energy you need from solar panels. I would like to go
again and learn more interesting things they provide. It was a great experience
and would love to lean more about MG and E.
Erick Covarrubias

My class went on a trip to MG and E which is an
abbreviation for Madison Gas and Electric. Our class
was led into a conference room with a U
- shaped
table set up. On each of the chairs were accessories
we got to take home, we got a water bottle, a mini
towel, a pair of headphones and a flash light. We first
started with a welcome from the people that were
going to go through our tour with us and they
introduced themselves and said a little bit about
themselves. After that, they showed us a video on how
our electricity gets to our house by power lines and
Jaliyah Cummings

The second field trip we went to was Madison Gas and Electric. I learned lots of
s from different types of energy to how they use energy and what they use to
roduce the different types of energy. One important thing I learned is how they
help the electricity travel to get to your home. The energy travels through
substations then they travel through distribution lines. If it we didn’t have
s then that could cause your house to explode because there is a lot of
electricity and the substations help to shrink the electricity so that too much of it
won’t go straight to your house or that could be very dangerous. I also learned
that you can never store energy because it will run out in just a few hours. For
example when you turn on the heat you can’t turn on the heat and turn it off when
your home is war
m,because then the heat evaporates and it becomes cold

Even though this is not the career that I would do when I get older it is still a good
career to do because you learn so many things about electricity and energy.
Joshua Slaughter

When the group went to MG&E (Madison Gas and Electric) we met our tour guide and
watched a couple of short videos introducing us to our local source of energy. There
wasn’t much hands-on learning but it was none the less still interesting. We learned
about the many different ways electricity is harvested for our use. A power plant for
example transfers the energy to transmission lines which run across highways and
through cities. Energy then goes through a distribution substation that reduces the
voltage, making it suitable for use in neighborhoods and houses. Businesses,
specifically industrial, need more power than a normal neighborhood. Industrial
buildings do not require distribution substation.
One other thing is that we were able to see the electric cars and power charging
stations MG&E has developed. The power stations are used to charge EV to full
capacity over a certain period of time. Depending on the vehicle it can take up to four
over or under places to reach its destination. MG&E uses very fats and advanced tools for the community. They also use
reliable energy sources again for the community of Madison.
We also learned that every energy source has negatives and positives. And we also learned about the different steps
something goes through which star
ts at generation, transmission, commercial distribution, automation, redential. After
watching various videos that to me weren’t that pleasing to watch, we started asking questions to the members. We also
got the chance to introduce oursel
ves and give a little bit of information about ourselves. When our MG&E field trip was
almost done, we headed outside and got to get a little more information about some new cars that MG
&E has and how they
charged. They have a new charging parking spot where cars can be charged. Lastly, we headed to see something
which has to
do with solar energy. Overall, MG&E really wasn’t a great experience for me because I’m really not interested
in things that have to do with gas or electricity. But this would be a great new experience for somebody who enjoy these
types of things.
transporting stations and more. After the video, they said a little about the company. One of the things they said was, not one
single person owns MG and E, multiple people do. After they said a little more about their company, they told us ways we
make energy, like geothermal energy, solar energy, wind energy and water energy. One of the facts they told us was that
coal factories produce so much energy that if it just went to one house, it would light on fire. The next thing we did was learn
about electrical cars and how they work and some of the cars they made. The tour was then over and we went home. The
tour was great but not something that’s for me.
hours or 30 minutes. MG&E also have their own EV: the 2016 Nissan Leaf, which can drive up to 84 to 107 miles with electric
power instead of using gasoline. On top of it all I learned a lot about an important aspect of my daily life.
Julissa Toto-Xolio

Our second field trip that we got to visit was at MGAE, which stands for
Madison Gas and Eelectric. When we first arrived to MG&E, we got
welcomed and received our Visitor passes for each one of us. We then
headed into MG&E and went into a pretty big meeting room where we sat
down in a large table where there would be various items for us to have.
We got introduced to the various members of MG&E and again got
welcomed. They told us to go ahead and take some snacks and drinks
while we stayed in the room.
We all headed to the snack table and got what we needed. Our first few
hours where a lot of information and various short and long videos about
MG&E and what their company does. We learned that electricity can go
Asia Stuckey

Our trip to MGE was okay to me. They gave us tons of information and the
people there were also nice too. We basically just sat in a room while they
gave us information about MGE and answered any questions we had. They
showed us videos about MGE and what they do and how they help us out.
When I watched the videos it kind of made me think that we use a lot of
energy in just one day. It also made me think that you can’t really do anything
when there is no energy so MGE is like really important because without
them I don’t think people would be able to go on.  But anyways they also told
us about their windmills and how high they are -- I think they were like 290ft
tall. MGE can’t always use their windmills because it’s not always windy
outside and you can’t store the energy. Even though we didn’t do as much at
MGE they gave us some really good information. They also took us outside
to show us their solar panels. They said that almost all the high schools
have solar panels on their roof tops. And they showed us the MGE cars that had to be charged in order to go. Overall my
experience at MGE was good. And I’m glad I got to learn some new things.
Nana Kofi-Brewoo

MGE (Madison, Gas and Electric) is the company that
controls all of electricity in all the places and buildings
of Madison. They were founded in 1896 and first
started out as Madison Gas and Light Co. They use
many power lines and wires to transfer electricity to so
many buildings. They have many types of power
plants, like Wind Farms, Solar energy, Turbines,
Biogas, generating stations and Energy centers. Their
energy comes from 4 ways: 48% comes from coal,
30% comes from purchased power, 13% comes from
renewable energy and the last 9% comes from
Gas/Oil. MGE controls all the power in the city, so they
can power it off and on when they need to.
Dulce Xelhua

MGE was an interesting experience. We got to
learn ways we get energy and what resources
they use and how creating new ways of getting
energy is important for our future. We also got to
walk around to see the solar system and how
theirs chargeable cars that you no longer need