Aarin Sehgal

Pic 1: I took this to show a beautiful view from the bridge to the gazebo and as a bonus it has a view of the lake. This was also
my 1st picture. The view I got also had a reflection.
Pic 2: I thought the bridge was absolutely beautiful and I got a simple picture of the bridge and the fencing around it. I took it
the best I could. But it turned out I was standing on the bridge when I took it so I only got half of the bridge.
Pic 3: I took this picture at the end. This flower was interesting so I took a close up of it. It turned out very nicely. It’s I’m
surprised it turned out well because it’s the last picture I took plus I was in a rush.
Exploring College Through Media
Asia Stuckey
Pic 1: This is a picture of some flowers. I chose to take a picture of them because I like flowers and especially ones with lots of
bright or pretty colors. That is how these ones caught my attention: the colors. The flowers were a bright violet/purple with yellow
in the middle of them. They were very pretty and I could not just walk past them and not take a picture of them.
Pic 2: I took this picture of the pond and gazebo because it looked peaceful. Look at the trees and plants all around the pond
with the fish swimming around in it. You could just sit on a bench and just listen to all the noises around you like the birds
chirping and the bugs buzzing, and relax.
Pic 3: I chose to take a picture of some more flowers because like I said before I like flowers. These ones were pink and
salmon color with yellow and orange in the middle. It kind of reminded me of fire because the color of fire is similar to the colors
of the flowers. I liked their bright colors, and then surrounded by green plants it made them stick out.
Christopher Covarrubias

Pic 1: I choose this picture because I know it represents something in the garden and I’m sure that it is a special piece for
that garden. I can see in the picture that there’s a lot of different colors represented in the boxes. I think that it’s a great piece
of art and I know it will be really special for the garden at some point. I think it is very creative that it’s in that garden but if you
go to other types of gardens, you don’t see that. It’s rare to see this sculpture in a garden and it makes me feel that UW-
Madison is a special college because of the sculptures it has not only in the garden, but around campus.
Pic 2:  In this picture, you can see that there’s a lot of space you can walk through. I also think that this is a special place
because there’s a lot of flowers around it so let’s say that you’re having lunch, you can go to the garden, sit in the chair or the
bench, and when you finish, you can see the different types of flowers Allen Centennial Gardens has. I would come back to
the garden so I can show them how special this garden is, maybe we could have lunch after we see the flowers. There’s lot of
room for you to do whatever you want. That’s what’s amazing about Allen Centennial Gardens.
Pic 3.: This picture makes me feel like I was a little kid again. When I was a kid, I used to go with my parents to different
gardens to see what’s different about gardens. In every garden gazebo we went to, there was always a little lake so my
parents and I used to sit in the gazebo and see the little fish’s swimming around the lake. I’m very happy with what my
parents have done to me so when I grow up, I want to do something for them. This picture just reminds me of when I was a
little kid and when I grow up, I want to bring them to Allen Centennial Gardens to remind them of when they used to take me.
Christian Garcia

Pic 1: The picture I took and chose for number 1 shows the Allen Centennial garden and the types of bushes or trees. It
reminded me of a city and it also has a type of theme garden from China or a big city.
Pic 2: The second picture I chose was more about different types of flowers with different colors that appear in the picture.
One thing I liked about it also was the background because it shows the building and the yellow flowers.
Pic 3: The picture shows most of the bushes and leaves of the trees. The picture didn’t really have much to show but it does
have a part of the garden. The background also has a building of UW-Madison. One thing I liked about it was that the picture
represents both things I like; for example, the background has a city part and the front shows the garden with nature.
Pic 1:  I like the first photo because of how nice the little statue looks and how you can see the flowers right behind it. I also
like it because you can see other statues right behind it and all look beautiful altogether. I also like how all the flowers are
different so you can see all types of flowers and how the green color of the flowers blends together.
Pic 2:  I really like the second photo because the way the boxes are arranged make them look very nice and beautiful. The
paintings themselves look very nice and calming. Another reason I really like this photo is because of the little light on the
string because it would look very nice if it was night and they lit up.
Pic 3: I really like the way the waterfall looks. I love to see the water flow down and hear the water flow. I also really like all the
plants and algae on the rocks and all around it and how it all combines to look amazing. I also like the trees on the left
because they go with the green with the plants and they all look beautiful.      
Dulce Xelhua

Pic 1: This picture shows a really nice part of the garden because it has a path and you can see a lot of plants like trees
and flowers that are yellow, red and white. You can also see big rocks next to the bushes and in the background you can
see a black gate.
Pic  2:  Picture number two shows a really nice pond  that has yellow flowers floating on the water on top of green leaves.
You can also see really pretty fishes and at the side of the pond there are a lot of rocks and flowers that are light purple with
a little pink and maroon in the top.
Pic 3: For the last picture you can see two water fountains and rocks that were  lined up neatly around it and rocks in the
water. You can also see plants in the background and some yellow flowers.
Jaliyah Cummings

Pic 1: I picked the picture of the waterfall because I think the water fall was very pretty.  I like how it had different plants on the
waterfall. Also I think that waterfalls are cool and fun because the water falls off the edge of the waterfall to the bottom then
more water flows from the top. I like the way that they are formed because they can be formed in different shapes and sizes.
Lastly I like the colors on and around the waterfall, for example there is a lot of green and flowers around it.                         
Pic 2: I chose this picture because I like the color of the flower. I like how they are bright and how they bloom, and lastly I like
their being tall. I like the color of the flower because it is like a pink and red kind of color and I like the shape of the flower; it's
very unique and I like how it blossoms because you can see the inside of the flower.
Pic 3:  I like these flowers because I like their purple color. I also like how the petals are layered on each other; the flower
looks big and full. I like how it’s more of a circle-shaped flower. Another thing I like is how the flower is not too big but it’s not
too small and the colors are bright and they make the flower look better and it also makes the flower pop! Finally I like that
the flower has lots of green around it and it make the flower look centered.
Joshua Slaughter

Pic 1: This is a photo of the two ponds in Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison WI. This picture shows many diverse plant
life and ponds where birds can drink and fish can swim around. In the back it also shows pathway through hedges where
the garden expands. There are pathways all around the garden leading to different areas with their own unique features.
Pic 2: A photo taken on top of a small bridge you can stand on and see over the larger pond. Across there is a gazebo with a
view of the house and all three ponds. In the back you can see the Animal Sciences building outside the garden. The tress
are very diverse as there is a red tree that will stick out like a sore thumb.
Pic 3: The house of the garden is a historical site, belonging to many garden deans in its time. This is where our instructor
(the man in the front) sent us all off to take photos of the gardens. It also showsa UW building in the back showing the
architecture difference between the two buildings, even though one is a house and one is college building. Recently the
house is being recreated into student housing.
Julissa Toto-Xolio

Pic 1: This is the very first picture that I took at the Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison, WI. I took this picture because it was
a very gorgeous flower in the garden. The picture turned out alright but it could have come out better. In the picture it shows the
bright dark pink color and the background of the photo is piled with leaves that are connected with the flower. The picture also
has a blurry type of effect which makes it look a little more different and unique.
Pic 2: This second picture was also taken at the Allen Centennial Gardens-- a very beautiful place to take a picture. I took this
picture because all around the waterfall there were different types of leaves and plants, along with various types of flowers. In
the picture you can see various rocks along the little water stream and you can also see the little waterfall in the picture. If you
try to see clearly, there is another tiny waterfall in the very front. The sun made the picture turn out very good and gorgeous.
Pic 3: This third picture was again taken at the Allen Centennial Gardens. This picture has various flowers but they all are the
same type of flower. The picture also had a blurry effect to it which makes it look a little more interesting. The flower has a
great mix of a light purple and a darker color of purple. In the background you can see some of the flowers that are still waiting
to bloom and grow. By the flowers are also a couple of leaves that are connected to the flowers.
Nana Kofi Brewoo

Pic 1:  I picked this because of how the fence went really well the with the bush garden in the area. It makes the whole photo
look wonderful and well taken.
Pic 2: I picked this picture because nice brick sidewalk went well the alignment of the little bush. Plus, the bench in the middle
of the picture and the trees and angle adds a nice touch of beauty.
Pic 3:  I picked this picture because this shows all of the nature work that was put into this garden. The flowers, the trees, the
little ponds and the bush show the beauty of the amazing garden.
Erick Covarrubias