The Diversity Times 2014: "Exploring College Through Media"
The Diversity Times is the newspaper of the "Exploring College through Media" class of the
University of Wisconsin-Madison's PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for
Learning Excellence) Program administered by the School of Education at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. We are proud to introduce our new website,,
that will journalize the daily activities of our class.         

The PEOPLE Program's mission is to help students successfully make each transition from
middle school to high school to college. Approximately 1,200 students participate at some level.
We began in 1999 with 66 eager ninth-graders from Milwaukee public high schools who are
now completing college degrees and entering the workforce.

"Exploring College through Media" is visiting the following work places in Madison: Kraft/Oscar
Mayer, UW Medical School, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Madison Gas & Electric, and
Wisconsin Department of Transportation where the students are meeting professionals of color
and learning about research and development, medical and health professions, road safety,
and other contemporary issues. This year, the class is particularly focused on careers that
involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The students are taking photos and writing commentary, which are being posted to this site on a
regular basis. By the end of the class, the students will be publishing an eight-page, full-color
edition of The Diversity Times containing articles written about their field trips and photos taken
during the visits. The Diversity Times will be distributed at the three-week PEOPLE Program
celebration and will also be posted on The Diversity Times website. We hope you find our
students' experiences informative!
The Diversity Times: Exploring College through Media
The Diversity Times Class of 2014

Editorial Staff

Jonathan Gramling

TAs/Editorial Assistants
Alejandra Canchola
Mayra Madrigal

Contributing Writers
Emily Alvarado
Chauncey Cannon
Kai Cattaneo
Destiny Lloyd
Shamyan Xiong
Kong Lor
Mateo Mora
Chinedum Maduka
José Sanchez
Tiasia Wilhelml

Heidi M. Pascual
Class of 2014